3 Financial Benefits Of Renovating Your Bathroom!

3 Financial Benefits of Renovating Your Home Bathroom!!!

If you’re debating whether to renovate your bathroom or not, you might like to know that there are many financial benefits in renovating your home bathroom, some of which you may already know and others you don’t even imagine.

 At Bay Of Islands Plumbing & Gas we believe kitchen and bathroom are usually the most likely rooms to be renovated with a view to a subsequent valuation of the house for the market, but even if you’re not planning on selling your house, renovating your bathroom is a great idea for several reasons.


Here are 3 financial benefits of renovating your home bathroom.


1. Home Value

This is the most used argument in favor of renovating any part of your house. However, renovating your bathroom won’t immediately translate in thousands of dollars of added value to your home.

If you’re planning to sell your house, make sure to plan your renovation carefully following what’s in-demand and trendy(as long as it’s a trend you can see lasting in the following years).

If you don’t have any plans of selling your house, it’s always better to make sure your bathroom fulfills all of your personal needs and not focus on the market value as much.


2. Save Now, For Later

Many people don’t feel like embarking on home renovations, scared away by the expenses, and would rather keep their bathroom as it is.

However, you need to think of what would be financially advantageous in the long run. The older your bathroom is, the more likely it will be to give you a lot of troubles quite regularly.

If you start adding up repair costs, you will see that renovating your bathroomwith up-to-date systems will actually turn from an expensive decision to a money-saver one.


3. Energy Efficient Home

Did you know you can save thousands in energy costs by renovating your bathroom with energy-efficient fixtures?

Being eco-friendly is the latest trend and not to mention, it’s good for your pockets and for the planet.

One of the most loved fixtures is surely the tap regulator, which prevents you from using too much water. This way, your bathroom will immediately feel more efficient.


While living in the present, you need to think of the future. Making your home energy-efficient might be costly, but these costs will balance out in the long run and it’s safe to say you will not want to go back.

The team at Bay Of Islands Plumbing & Gas are more than happy to help you save money and enjoy the benefits of a freshly renovated bathroom.

Give the team at Bay of Islands Plumbing & Gas a call to find out more.


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