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5 Benefits Of Solar Energy For Family Homes

5 Benefits Of Solar Energy For Family Homes

The sun is an incredible energy source with infinite potential and we’re only just now starting to understand the greater benefits we could derive from it.

In latest years, more and more families in Kerikeri have decided to convert their home into a solar-powered one, attracted by the several advantages that this choice implies.

Solar energy is commonly criticized for being expensive, but it’s actually been proven to be incredibly beneficial for both the planet and the economy.

If you’re thinking of turning to solar power units for your home, check out our list of solar energy benefits for family homes below.

1. Go Green!

The greatest thing about solar energy is that one of the few truly renewable energy sources available. In northland we will never run out of solar energy until the sun dies, which means we still have several billions of years of solar energy ahead of us.

Solar energy isn’t toxic for the environment because it doesn’t produce dangerous gas or contaminate the water. It also requires very little resources to be maintained, unlike most industrial setups.

2. Reduce Your Bills

When you rely on solar energy, your energy bill decreases enormously because you become self-sufficient and won’t need to use the utility supplier anymore. Depending on the size of your setup, your bill might be completely nullified.

On top of that, you can also sell any unused electricity that you produced with your solar power units back to the grid and get a good income from it.

3. Low Maintenance

Solar panels don’t require heavy maintenance. You should clean your system regularly to keep it working efficiently, but one or two times per year should be enough. 

There are also professional cleaning services for solar energy systems that come very cheap, starting around 40$. 

Keep in mind that most solar energy systems come with a 30 years warranty, so you’re on safe ground.

4. Increased Efficiency

A small percentage of energy is usually lost during transportation from the production point to your house. It might not seem like such a big problem, but if you’re living in a highly populated area, it might affect the efficiency of your system.

Installing solar power units directly on your home ground will eliminate this problem at the root.

5. Bright Future

The eyes of the world are on green energy, so you can expect these systems to be upgraded regularly and become even more efficient in the future. Installing a solar energy system is an investment for years to come.

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