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10 Useful Tips To Save Water During The Next Drought In Kerikeri

10 Useful Tips To Save Water During The Next Drought 

As our planet heats up a little more every year, we may find ourselves in Kerikeri experiencing droughts like the one we have just had more regularly.  At Bay Of Island Plumbing & Gas we think it’s important to learn how to be prepared to face the next drought. 

In Kerikeri there are many ways to save water in your home during a drought and they all start with being more careful in our habits and mind our consumption of water. 

You will find that even if you’re being as careful as possible in your water usage, there might be instances where we don’t realise we’re wasting way more water than necessary. 

That’s why we compiled a list of useful tips to help you save water during drought . 

1. Take shorter showers. Showers work as magic spells to make us indulge in our thoughts and thus spend way more time than needed under the flow. Try cutting your time in the shower or if you can’t, try taking less showers. 

2. Don’t leave the tap open while brushing your teeth. Forgetting to turn off the tap while we brush our teeth is something we all did at some point in our life, but remember that brushing your teeth for a mere 3 minutes means wasting gallons of water from the tap, so turn it off next time. 

3. Wash only full loads of washing. Try washing clothes only when the clothes are actually dirty (no one will notice if you wear that shirt twice, promised!) and you have a full load. Most washing machines use the same amount of water no matter the load, so if you wash just a few clothes at a time, you’re actually wasting a lot of water. 

4. Save the cold water from the shower. If the water takes a while to turn warm, don’t let the cold water go to waste. Collect it in buckets and use it for other purposes! 

5. Do the dishes by hand. Dish washers use too much water. During a drought in Kerikeri, wash your dishes by hand using only a predetermined amount of water. 

6. Keep jugs of water in the fridge. How many of us wait for tap water to run cold before filling our glass? That’s a lot of water wasted every single time. Filling up jugs to keep in the fridge will not only save a lot of water, it will also mean you have cool water ready to drink at any given time. 

7. Cover your garden in mulch. Mulch prevents water in the soil from evaporating, which means your plants will need way less water to keep healthy. 

8. Install low flow fixtures. Low flow fixtures are a very cheap but valuable solution to cut your water usage down to 60%. Replace all of the faucets and shower heads in your home for best results. 

9. Don’t pour water down the drain. Whenever you’re about to pour water down the drain, stop and ask yourself if there is really no other use for that water. You will find that 99% of the time, there is actually a way to reuse the water you were going to waste. 

10. Collect rainwater. Sometimes drought catches us by surprise, but most of the time that’s not the case. Play it safe in advance and collect rainwater all year round. That way, you will be prepared when hard times come.

Give the team at Bay Of Islands Plumbing & Gas  a call or contact us through our website to find out more about rain water tank installation. 

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