3 Reasons For Converting Your Hot Water System To Gas!

3 Reasons for converting your hot water system to gas in your home!

Like all homeowners in Kerikeri and Northland, we are always looking for ways to keep lower our monthly bills for the family home. This is why the team at Bay of Islands Plumbing & Gas recommend converting your hot water system from electricity to gas.

This efficient option has been recommended and converted by Bay of Islands Plumbing & Gas for a long time.

1: Gas is more cost-effective

Many homeowners see the initial cost of switching to the gas option as expensive but this is where they go wrong. While there is a initial setup cost, the numerous savings that you stand to make will be worthwhile in the long run. The costs of gas quite low in many parts compared to those of electricity. This will ensure you get the best heating solutions at a minimal cost.

2: Gas is more convenient than electricity and many heating alternatives

The supply of electricity is always monitored to ensure in the event of a shortage, the most essential services are served first. This will result in an inconvenience for you if you rely heavily on electricity. This is not the case with gas. Gas is renewable, and this means the supply is not easily disrupted and there is always a good supply. This means in the event of a power cut you will still be able to have a hot bath and cook a nice dinner by candle light!

3: Natural gas is environmentally friendly

Just from its name, gas is a very environmentally friendly solution. With natural gas, you will not only be getting the best heating solution, but you will also be playing a part in environmental conservation.

Converting your hot water system to gas  requires a professional qualified tradesman. This is not something anyone should attempt to do on their own!

This is one of the many services  Bay of Islands Plumbing & Gas specialise in. We can ensure you that you will get the best quality gas system at an affordable price.

We will transform your hot water system that is not only more convenient but one that will save you money and keep you warm whenever the the power goes out.


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