FAQ Drainage

What is Drainage?

Drainage otherwise known as Drainlaying is any work that involves  installation, alteration or repairs to a drain, including the fixing or unfixing of a drain to an onsite wastewater system (septic tank) or any trap.

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Do you need to be qualified to carry out drainage work?

Yes you most certainly do! All drainage work must comply with the Building Code and where a building consent is required, the work must be checked by the building inspector from the Kerikeri Council. 

A code compliance certificate cannot be issued until the work has been signed off by the building inspector.

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How much will it cost to clear my blocked drain?

This type of work cannot be quoted as the unknown nature of it makes this work unable to be estimated. Some drains clear very easily and give no more trouble others can be very troublesome, with CCTV and drain locators problems can be pin pointed easier than in the past.

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What should I do if the water shut off valve in front of my property is leaking?

This valve is owned by the Local Authority and as such is maintained by them as part of your rates charges, so a quick call to the Local Council should have them on the way to fix that for you.

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What is a Backflow survey?

Backflow compliance has changed a great deal nationwide in the last decade and Bay of Islands Plumbing and Gas has stayed at the forefront of this section of the industry throughout these changing times.

We pride ourselves as being industry leaders not only in Kerikeri but in all of New Zealand.

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Why do I have no hot water?

If you have water coming out of the hot taps but it is cold, this indicates that you have either:

ELECTRIC: a blown element, a faulty thermostat or your cylinder could be wired on an old “ripple” switch so that the power company can control to turn off the electricity supply to the Hot water cylinder without you knowing.

LPG: indicates either run out of LPG or no power to the unit. If this is after a power cut, you may need to reset an instantaneous hot water system by switching the power off and on again. The instantaneous gas hot water system should then go through a reset programme and be ready to use again in a few minutes.

How do I know if my drains are blocked?

Usually, there will be some quite noticeable symptoms. Common symptoms would be your sinks not draining and your toilets overflowing. There also might be some less noticeable symptoms. For example, a sewage smell around your drains. This would have a horrible smell similar to Ngawha. Another less noticeable symptom would be gurgling sounds coming from your drains caused by trapped air. If in doubt call us.

What do i do if my drains are blocked?

If you believe your drains are blocked and you are the owner of the property then you are liable to clear the blockage. Though if you are renting a property via a landlord then you should go through them first as they will usually be liable to for the cost if the issue is not caused by you. If you are unable to clear the blockage yourself then it is recommended you call a specialist drainage expert. Our qualified team Bay of Islands Plumbing and Gas will ensure your drains are working in no time.

How do I prevent my drains from getting blocked?

There are some simple ways to prevent your drains getting blocked. Taking simple steps like installing a plug hole strainer on your sinks and shower, scraping off plates and pans before washing them in the sink. As well as not pouring oil down the drain instead pour it into a leftover bottle or jar and throw it away in the trash otherwise the oil and grease can congeal and block the drains. We provide a planned maintenance service to take precautions to avoid a major drainage issue.

Why has my water bill gone up?

A steep rise in a water bill if not caused by your water company is usually a sign of leakage in your drainage system. A leaking tap, shower or toilet would be your first call to action. Also, make sure to check the water in the toilet tank to see if the water level is dropping.  If after checking these you have still determined that you have a leak the problem may be outside any signs of puddles or damp ground could signal a leakage in a PVC pipe. For this, it is recommended to call a professional at Bay of Islands Plumbing and Gas.

We provide solutions to any of your residential and commercial drainage issues.