FAQ Gasfitting

What is the difference between Natural Gas and LPG?

LPG and natural gas are similar in how they are used, however, LPG produces a much greater heat due to its higher calorific value. LPG is the same gas used in barbecues but it’s also used in space heaters, water heating systems, cookers and other applications.

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is generic name give to mixtures of hydrocarbons. LPG is mainly propane and butane stored in a liquid state. Natural gas is a hydrocarbon composed largely of methane.

Because LPG is stored in liquid form and is heavier than air, it tends to collect in low points. It is more difficult to disperse than natural gas, so more prone to catch fire or explode if a leak occurs.

Natural gas is lighter than air so disperses more easily if there is a leak.

Do you do electric to gas conversions?

Yes we do.  Upgrading from electric to gas is more energy efficient and cost effective.  Give us a call to find out how we can help.

What is the difference between a gas fitter and a plumber?

Someone who installs, maintains or repairs gas appliances is called a gasfitter. A gasfitter also makes sure these appliances are running safely and efficiently by testing these appliances regularly.

Even though gas is common and safe, it can pose significant risks if gas appliances are installed incorrectly. While a number of plumbers in Northland are also gasfitters, many are not – it all depends on the qualifications each plumber holds as to whether they’re also a gasfitter.

What should I do if I think I have a gas leak?

If you can smell gas in or around an appliance turn off the appliance and call us for advice straight away. If you can still smell gas after switching the appliance off or can smell it coming from a pipe, switch the gas supply off at the outside meter by turning the valve on the main pipe from On to Off. If the appliance is supplied by an LPG gas cylinder, twist the valve on the top of the cylinder to shut off the gas supply.

If I switch to gas how often will I have to change my gas bottles?

As a guide we have supplied some figures based on annual gas usage. Actual consumption will be subject to other factors but this should help to give you an idea on how long your gas bottles should last.  For a more detailed estimate contact the Zane at BOI Plumbing & Gas

Application No. in household Average annual refills
Home Heating only N/A 6-9
Water Heating only 2 4-6
4 6-9
6 9-12